Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Still.....

As I sit in the unknown of the adoption world this week, I am reminded to be still. Be still and know. Be still and know that I am GOD - Psalm 46:10

He is paving the way. He is writing the story. He is in control. Will you join us in prayer for our precious boys in Ghana and for all the orphans there tonight? Changes are coming. They are being made and it is up to us to FIGHT for them. Help us FIGHT. FIGHT with prayer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Precious Hands

These precious little hands run through my mind all day. I am anxious to hold both of our boys very soon. I am anxious to get my arms around my sweet baby boy again, to strap him on my back "Ghana style" and just take off. I am anxious to meet my precious 7 year old son who has only met his daddy. I am nervous about meeting him for the first time. I am anxious to hear his little voice say, "Mommy" in person instead of on the phone. These precious pictures

and my sweet Jesus keep me going every day. He gives me the strength to wait another day to see their little faces and hug them tight. He gives me all I need every day. Now the trick is learning to ALWAYS rely on Him. Still learning...still learning.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Samuel and Helen's adoption timeline

11-30-09 international application approved

1-5-10 submitted agency fees to int'l agency

1-8-10 began homestudy

2-9-10 homestudy finalized

2-10-10 I600A mailed

2-13-10 accepted referral of siblings

3-8-10 received fingerprint appt. for March 22

3-10-10 walked into USCIS office and got fingerprinted (Praise God!)

3-25-10 mailed dossier to int'l agency

4-6-10 dossier arrived in Ghana

4-22-10 received I171H approval letter from USCIS

4-27-10 representative traveled to Volta region to try to schedule court

5-10-10 received new pictures of our sweet children

6-24-10 we were told we MIGHT go to court next week :)

7-21-10 granted a court date of Monday, 7/26

7-26-10 court postponed until 7-27

7-27-10 OFFICIALLY A FAMILY OF 7, We passed court! Thank you, sweet Jesus!

8-28-10 traveled as a family of 5 to meet our two Ghanaian angels

8-30-10 filed our I600 in country

9-8-10 took our sweet babies back to their foster home

9-9-10 arrived back home, but left our hearts in Ghana

10-18-10 I600 approval

10-22-10 granted a visa exit interview for 11-1-10

11-7-10 visas are ready!!!!!

11-9-10 Sydney and I fly to Ghana

11-10-10 Samuel and Helen in my arms FOREVER

11-16-10 reunited as a family of 7