Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Dream

On February 26, 2010 one of my best friends had a dream. A dream of an African baby. This came just two weeks after we accepted our referral of Samuel and Helen. She dreamt Righ and I were bathing a baby and she came in to help us. As she awoke, she "knew" that baby was ours. As I listened to her tell me all about it, I "knew" it was her baby. You see, we had just accepted our referral and there wasn't a baby. Helen was 2. In my heart, I could see God writing this perfect story. A story of adoption for my friend. Her husband was all about supporting other families, but wanted no part of adoption for his family. So I just "knew" this dream was an indication that it would all change. God was going to change his heart and give them a baby.

Little did I know, God was writing a story so remarkable, so incredible that I couldn't even begin to imagine it. That precious baby would be ours and He would use my friend to lead me to him!!!


The Roberts said...

oh! Goosebumps! God is great!

Rambling Heather said...

This has touched my heart! Please pray for us, we are searching. Praying for clarity on what Father would have regarding the potential of us adopting from Ghana.

Kristie O'Leary said...

Praying for you as He leads you to your child(ren)!