Saturday, June 4, 2011

Samuel and Helen's adoption timeline

11-30-09 international application approved

1-5-10 submitted agency fees to int'l agency

1-8-10 began homestudy

2-9-10 homestudy finalized

2-10-10 I600A mailed

2-13-10 accepted referral of siblings

3-8-10 received fingerprint appt. for March 22

3-10-10 walked into USCIS office and got fingerprinted (Praise God!)

3-25-10 mailed dossier to int'l agency

4-6-10 dossier arrived in Ghana

4-22-10 received I171H approval letter from USCIS

4-27-10 representative traveled to Volta region to try to schedule court

5-10-10 received new pictures of our sweet children

6-24-10 we were told we MIGHT go to court next week :)

7-21-10 granted a court date of Monday, 7/26

7-26-10 court postponed until 7-27

7-27-10 OFFICIALLY A FAMILY OF 7, We passed court! Thank you, sweet Jesus!

8-28-10 traveled as a family of 5 to meet our two Ghanaian angels

8-30-10 filed our I600 in country

9-8-10 took our sweet babies back to their foster home

9-9-10 arrived back home, but left our hearts in Ghana

10-18-10 I600 approval

10-22-10 granted a visa exit interview for 11-1-10

11-7-10 visas are ready!!!!!

11-9-10 Sydney and I fly to Ghana

11-10-10 Samuel and Helen in my arms FOREVER

11-16-10 reunited as a family of 7

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Dana said...

hi Kristi, I am interested in adoption in Ghana. What agency did you work through for your adoptions? Thanks!