Saturday, July 21, 2012

a harsh reality....

Last week, I posted those three words on Facebook because it was all I could muster.  It was all I could say to describe how I was feeling.  You see, last Tuesday as I sat holding precious little ones who just wanted to be loved it hit me again. 

A harsh reality.  Children that are hurting. Children that are afraid to walk out their front door because of the gunshots.  Children that go to sleep at night because they are hungry. Children that are dying because they drink dirty water when so many others throw clean water away.  Children that have begged me to find them a mommy and a daddy.  Children that have no choice. Children that have no one.  Children that are longing.  And longing for what?  Hope. Life. Love. And ultimately, Jesus, but they may not even realize it.  This is their harsh reality. This is life for so many.  And me?  I sit here in my American home full of 7 beautiful children and "things".  Things that we do not need.  Beds that are empty. Arms that are willing to love. Children that are willing to accept another sibling because it means another orphan will be an orphan NO MORE.  And the harsh reality hit me that I am selfish.  Grieving. Brokenhearted and longing to just follow Jesus down the path He has for us.

Matthew 6:21 - For where your treasure is, there also will your heart lie.