Saturday, March 19, 2011

Will it hurt?

Remember the post I did on whether adoption will hurt my kids or not? Click here for the story, but today I am reminded again of how AWESOME and INCREDIBLE adoption can be for our children. They learn to give more of themselves, love one another, be the hands and feet of Jesus. The list goes on and on and on, but this picture sums it up.

Two boys who met one another 6 months ago. Two boys who became brothers on American soil 4 months ago. Two brothers who are inseparable, who are crazy about one another. Two brothers depicting God's love in the love they have for one another. Each day I watch them and realize I can learn so much from these two brothers.


Monica Livingston said...

Wow! What an incredible picture Kristie. It is amazing how much a photo can say without any words. And what a blessing to see and know that not only has adoption not hurt your kids but given them a gift that they would have never known otherwise!!!

aiyana said...