Wednesday, February 17, 2010


No one ever said adoption is easy. These last few days have been difficult. I think of our children and cannot wait for them to be here. It seems there is a void in our house, which seems so odd to me. It's like we miss their presence and they have never even been here. I think of our little girl. She is so tiny, malnourished and I cannot wait to bring her home to give her all the food she could ever possibly want! Then, I think of her sadness. She is only 2 years old and yet her medical profile listed her as unhappy and apathetic. She should be full of joy, just like Aiden who is only a couple of months older than her. She should talk incessantly like Aiden, but wouldn't communicate at all for her physical. I have faith in my God that one day she will be so joy filled that people will be amazed! And yet as I think of these two children that belong to us and our family, I cannot help but think of all the other orphans in the world who do not have a waiting family. They need a family! God calls us to protect the innocent and weak! These children need an advocate. They need someone fighting for them. Please pray for them, pray that people will have their hearts and minds opened to them. I am so thankful God called us to these two children. I'm thankful He chose us for them. I cannot wait to hold their sweet faces and tell them how much Jesus loves them!

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