Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What made you decide to adopt? And why did you choose Ghana?

These are two questions we hear almost daily. So what made us decide to adopt? GOD. I'll start at the beginning. Our daughter (who is now 10) started watching countless adoption videos when she was 7. She would sit in front of the computer and cry for hours. I just knew one day God would use her to save orphans. I wanted to adopt because I wanted our house to be FULL of kids and Righ didn't want to adopt at all. So, that's how it played out for the next 3 years. Back and forth, back and forth. Over that time period, though, my heart changed from wanting more children to saving them. God was breaking my heart for the orphans. We all knew Sydney was praying for a sister. So, last summer God really started working on me. I was so convinced of His calling on us to adopt that I started trying to persuade Righ. Wrong tactic! Righ needed to hear God, not me! In September, I reached a breaking point. Instead of continuing to ask God to change Righ's heart, I prayed He would take the desire from my heart if it was not His will. Guess what? It stayed. So, I waited and waited. I became patient and let God work on Righ. Remember all this time, Sydney has been praying for a sister. One night in November, we tucked Sydney in and she was crying for her "sister". God used our precious 10 year old daughter to change Righ's heart. He had been hearing God's calling, but ignoring it for months. This time he heeded. So, we started our paperwork at the end of November and here we are waiting for our little ones to come home.

Another God moment happened on a Thursday in January. I felt God stirring siblings in my heart. I talked with Righ and he said "NO!" Even though he said no, he agreed to pray because he only wanted to do what God wanted us to do. After much prayer, we both felt strongly it was God's desire for us to adopt siblings. The awesome thing, though, was our two children were relinquished a few days after the stirring in my heart. God is so incredible! He chose our children for us and He had a plan for us all along! While waiting for photos and medicals on this sibling set that had been given up, we prayed God would undoubtedly show us whether they were our children upon sight. Amazingly, we knew immediately! This overwhelming feeling came over both of us! There were no doubts!

Why Ghana? Back long ago when Sydney started watching those videos, she signed us up on So last August, we received an email of a child up for adoption from Ghana. Well, all summer I had felt my heart being pulled toward Africa. Whenever I would pray about adoption and where it would be, God's answer was always Africa. When I received the email about Ghana, I was intrigued. I did my research and liked what I saw. Our eyes had been opened to Ghana, but we wanted to let God do the leading. After praying in November, Righ and I both felt our child was in Ghana. We are so thankful we followed His leading. We are so thankful we obeyed His call. We are so thankful for children who live a continent away from us, but are our own. We love them so much already and cannot wait to see their sweet, little faces.

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