Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our family

Today has been incredible! We arrived in Ghana and that in itself, seems surreal. We traveled in with two families from Hopscotch. These are families we are walking this journey with, but have never met. Now we have and their kids! Adorable and sweet!

I am not sure words can express how I am truly feeling right now. I feel like I am where God planned for me all along. I feel at home. I have all of my children under one roof and my heart is happy. My heart is full of love for these children God blessed me with. I am amazed by that! God is so good!!! Percy brought our children to the hotel to meet us tonight and I lost it. Our babies we have prayed for and longed to see their little faces. Thank you, Lord! Our five children have played together and laughed together. It was hard to make them go to bed. After they were all showered, they laid together and watched a movie. It just seems right.

Aiden talked all day about when we would meet his new brother and sister. Right before they arrived, he asked me to walk him outside just to see if they were here yet. Keenan adores both of them. He just sits and talks with them. He even asked why we have to leave them here next week. And Sydney is in heaven. She is with the sister she prayed for three years for. The two of them were cuddled under the blanket tonight and Sydney was cupping Helen’s face. How I wish I had a picture!

All in all, everything is going great! Memories are being made and we are bonding as a family. Please continue to pray our Father will be glorified in it all!!!

(I couldn't get our family pic to upload! I'll try again tomorrow.)


Deb said...

SO excited!!! Can't wait to hear every single detail. :)

Jill Funkhouser said...

That sounds so wonderful and fun! I am so excited for you guys!

Jenny said...

amazing! just wonderful! praying for you all and for next week :-(

Chalene said...

I was tagged on Facebook from Kami with a couple of pictures of Deborah from your trip so far. She is the one we are in the process to adopt her. She is so gorgeous in the pictures. I noticed your blog, so I peeked over to read about your journey so far. It sounds so God driven. Praise God and all His Glory! I am so glad you got to love your babies.