Thursday, September 9, 2010


Daddy with all 5 children the day after we got there
Our 3 boys playing futbol with a beach ball. :)
I love this! Samuel Richard is looking at Keenan with such admiration. Are you ready, big brother?
Helen's beautiful smile!
I treasure this picture!

While we were in Ghana, my computer time was limited. The time I spent was on putting our pics on facebook. So many people in the States were waiting for the daily update. And most nights I couldn't find the words to convey how I felt. However, now people have said I should try to put everything in words so I will try. We will try. God has laid our hearts in Ghana and the 12 days we were there was absolutely incredible and life-changing for all of us. We left a piece of ourselves with the children there and continue to pray God will show us our next step. For the time being, we wait for our I600 approval from the US Embassy, then for visas. Our babies are back in their foster home waiting for us to return. We pray the days will go by quickly and everything will be in God's perfect timing.

Ghana Day 2 - Our second day was spent hanging out at the hotel with two other families waiting for our Embassy appt. Righ went by himself and I stayed with our 5 children. Much less chaotic without them waiting impatiently. :) Our adoption responsibilities were over so our hearts and minds could focus on our children and the orphans we came to minister to. So many things we wanted to do and almost every day we had a project, but we walked away feeling like we should or could have done so much more. Tomorrow I will start recapping each day and posting more pics.

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Jenny said...

oh the pictures are WONDERFUL! i can't wait to read more!