Friday, September 17, 2010

I miss my kids

The last week has been okay. Today, though, the reality set in and I miss my kids. I miss Samuel Richard's beautiful smile. He loves to smile and he can light up a room. He is so loving and always ready to give a hug! I miss the way Helen runs into the arms of any of us. She brings such life to all of us.

Being in Ghana made me realize they are part of us. Things are not right without them. I cannot imagine life before this adoption. Our family is not complete.

What now? We wait. We filed our I600 20 days ago. We have 10 days left and then they'll start the orphan investigation process. Pray with us and several other families who are with us in the process. Pray the US Embassy will find favor upon our cases and families can be reunited with their children. Pray these children will find their way to the loving arms God planned for them.


Jenny said...

Praying that once the orphan investigation starts, it it will move quickly and you get the green light to go bring them home!

Jill Funkhouser said...

Praying for you guys!