Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Keenan is 10

Ten years ago, God blessed us with our second (and what we thought would be our last) child. He was only 17 months younger than Sydney and threw us for a spin. He has always brought so much joy to our lives and still does today. He came into this world smiling, laughing and trying so hard to make others laugh, too. What a blessing and treasure he is to our family!

We started the day off at Dunkin' Donuts...every kids favorite, right?

Sydney, Keenan and his friend, Eli
Aiden savoring every second of his donut

Then, we were off to church and home to open presents.
Tennessee football calendar - he's our "organized" kiddo

Then, the big gift came, but it wouldn't be so simple as opening a gift. :) Dad is way more creative than that. SCAVENGER HUNT!!!
Almost to the gift (hiding in the woods)
This is what makes me smile every day - the love these 2 have for one another. They have no idea they were ever apart. True brothers - real brothers...
The whole gang minus Daddy
"Dad, I don't see it. Is it up here?"
And he found it!!
This year, Daddy splurged as Keenan hit double digits and found him his very own gun. Obviously, lots of gun safety (always locked up and never used unless Dad is around) and the best part is it will become a part of Keenan's family as he grows older. He will pass it to his son, then to his grandson, and you get the picture. :)

On Monday, we went to everyone's favorite indoor play place, Tatarus' Gym. The kids had so much fun and burned a lot of energy.

Helen swinging from the rings
Aiden teetering on the edge
Sydney hanging from the rope
Now, it's Keenan's turn
And the day wouldn't be complete without Mom swinging from the rope into the foam squares. Oh, how I love my kids and am so incredibly thankful for each one of them in their uniqueness.

Ps. Some of you may be wondering why Samuel isn't in more of the pics! I couldn't keep up with him because he was having so much fun. :)


Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Love the pics. Hadn't seen them. Still praying for your decision. Yesterday while Mason was laying on teh couch and I was grading papers, we were watching "Top Shot." I think we watched the entire season on Satuday. Eight hours. Ugh! My fill for a full year! Anyway, seeing Keenan with his new gun made me wonder if one day he will compete. LOL! Love you!

Stefani said...
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