Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laughs and trust

Today was full of basketball games for Keenan and Samuel and lots of laughs in the middle.  

Our baby girl who is constantly "posing".  She brightens each day and I cannot imagine a time when she wasn't here.  Her girliness shines through and she LOVES to have Sissy (Sydney) paint her nails, which she does at least 5 times a week.  Now that is a good sister!!  Seriously, though, she is a ball of fire, but worth every second!

Samuel, who had never played basketball until he came home, has become quite the little player.  Of course, he has a huge advantage because he plays with Keenan ALL THE TIME.  How do you get better FAST???  Play against an older brother who shows NO MERCY!!!  He is loving his season and can always be found dancing on the court.  :-)
(BTW, this is his cool look as he waits for Keenan's game to start.)

Now, Aiden is a character in himself.  As everyone took their turn for a pic, this is what I get.  "Wait, Momma, take it like this," all while giggling so hard I thought he would fall flat on his face.  That kid makes us all laugh so hard!!  And to think how hard we fought just to get him here when I was pregnant with him!!

This morning as I woke I found two missed calls from our Feeding the Orphans volunteer in Ghana.  My baby is sick.  He has malaria, but thank God he is receiving the treatment he needs.  Where did my heart go when she told me?  To God.  To how He loves him so much more than I do.  To the spiritual warfare raging in our home as we follow Jesus. To prayer and to ask for healing over his little body.  To the rest of the family that was gathered at the table eating breakfast this morning so we could all pray together.  To a hug from Keenan as he told me how surprised he was that I wasn't crying.  It is so hard to be away from sick little ones, but the greatest thing I have learned over the last two years and the adoption of these four precious, African children is they are not mine.  They are His and I have been given the gift of being their mother.  I have prayed over them, laid them in my hands and then laid them at my Father's feet.  They are His and I trust Him at all costs.  So tonight I pray for my youngest son, the caretakers as they provide what he needs and for my I600 approval that will get us one day closer to our two boys.