Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quick update

 Wow, what a week!!!  Bless' malaria became quickly better with many thanks to each of you for praying for our little guy.

Then, on Friday we read the words we had been waiting for:  Your petition for Bless and Joseph has been approved!!!!  We have I600 approval for our sweet sons.  Now we wait for a visa packet pick up appointment.  This can only be done on Wednesdays so our prayer is we can do that this week.  Another HUGE step closer to our boys and bringing them home!!!

Lastly, as I was reading Jonah to the three little kids last night they were enthralled.  Afterwards, Helen wanted to pray.  Now, everyone knows she LOVES to pray and her prayers are MOVING!!! As she spoke these words, my eyes opened and the tears came. What a precious, sweet prayer and so, so true.  Thank you, God, for the constant reminders you have placed in my life!

Helen:  "Please, God, help the orphans.  Please give them food and water.  please give them what they need, God.  And please bring the orphans into our home so we can love them." - from a 4 year old who lived it and remembers 

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