Saturday, September 3, 2011

How can I?

How can I tell these sweet faces "Jesus loves you", when they are hungry?

When they are thirsty? Will they even hear me? Probably not, because their tummies are empty. They are thirsty, they are hurting. For them to see Jesus and His love, we have to be Jesus and His love. We have to live it every minute. How? I ask myself that each morning when I wake. How, God, am I supposed to be a mother to 5 children here, waiting for my 2 boys to come home, homeschool all of them (which is exactly what God has called me to do), be a wife to my husband, a good friend, daughter, helper, and advocate for the fatherless of the world? I am not. That's just it, I am not. It is Him. This is His story, His life. I have to choose each day to give it to Him before I crawl out of bed. I have to die to self every morning. I have to reach out beyond me when there is nothing left. I have to seek Him and ask for His strength to be what He has called me to be. I have to rely upon Him for each breath. Only then is it possible.

And these faces keep me going.

They remind me of my sweet Savior who gave His life for me. They remind me of the joy that comes from Him. Pure, simple, childlike faith and joy. They encourage me to help more children. They tell me they want to adopt again once B & J are home. They are already deciding who will be next in our family. They remind me that I CAN DO THIS WITH HIM.

They make the waiting for their brothers a bit easier.

A bit. However, I long to hold them. I long to see their little faces, to hug them until it hurts, to tell them I love them over and over and over. Will they tire of it? Oh, I am sure because I am relentless!!

Today I pray for His love to shine through, for Him to receive all Glory and honor and praise. I pray for each hurting child around the world to be comforted by the Almighty Comforter. I pray for hearts to be completely and utterly broken for the orphaned child. I pray for the Church to be broken. Hearts physically aching for the children that need Him. And I pray that when someone sees my beautiful children, they will be moved. And not to ask me if I wake up each morning, look in the mirror and bang my head saying, "What have I done? What have I done?" (And yes, someone really did ask me this.) No, I pray they will be touched by the love of Jesus and they will see His strength shining through.

I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:13

If you would like to sponsor a child or make a huge difference in the life of a child in another way, please visit FEEDING THE ORPHANS.

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