Thursday, March 8, 2012

And we are home!!

A little over a year ago, God spoke that two little boys in Ghana were to be my sons.  They would be forever mine, BUT it would come with a fight.  He specifically told me we would fight for our boys and their story would be for HIS GLORY!!  As I left Ghana on Saturday night to bring them home, March 3 my heart was full.  I was sitting with four of my treasures while Righ was in the US with three of our youngest.  As we boarded the plane it seemed like I was in a dream.  We were going HOME!  HOME!

An hour later, we were still sitting on the plane with periodic blackouts and I was praying for God to make a way.  Sydney and Keenan were both nervous about the way the power was going out on the plane. They just wanted to get off.  I was praying for God to show us His plan.  Three hours later and two sleeping boys, the pilot told us the flight was being cancelled.  Delta would be making hotel arrangements for us and all the other people on the plane.  And there were a lot of us!!

So at 1 am Ghana time we stood up to exit the plane.  I carried Bless and and two of our carry-ons while Sydney tried to wake Joseph up so he could walk.  Each time she stood him up, he fell over.  Oh God, help us was my cry.  How in the world was I going to get that little boy off the plane?  In steps this young couple asking if they could help us carry our bags.  Um, yes, you can!  As the man watched us try to get Joseph to stand unsuccessfully he asked if he could just carry him.  Um, yes, that would be great!! God making another way!

Over the next hour and a half, I realized I had NO MONEY on me.  I had spent it all because I was leaving the country.  HUGE MISTAKE and one I will never make again!!  After getting my hubby on the phone and standing in a mob of people, I tried to focus on Jesus and what He was trying to show me.  It was 2 am, I was holding a sleeping baby, Keenan was beyond exhaustion, Joseph was laying on the concrete floor in the middle of the Accra airport about to be trampled on and Sydney was helping the best she could.  What in the world???

I was on the verge of tears, but trying to stay strong for the four children surrounding me.  I kept reminding myself that God said our boys would be a fight.  We would fight to get them home and I was doing just that in the middle of the night!!

An hour later, we were dropped off at a hotel and our in country partner, John (sent by God to Feeding the Orphans) arrived with money for us.  We were all exhausted, but we were safe and could finally sleep.

As I woke the next day, I just knew everything would be okay.  We spent the day relaxing at our hotel and then headed to the mall to eat lunch with our in country volunteer, Lola.  We had pizza and ice cream and just laughed.

Our flight home was uneventful and the boys slept most of the time.  A true blessing!!

In Atlanta, the bumps began again. I walked to the gate to check the 5 of us in and the woman's face said it all when she heard our name.  "I have been waiting for you to arrive.  There are no seats for you on this plane."

The tears started to well up in my eyes.  The kids and I had first started getting ready to fly home more than 36 hours ago.  Here we were just an hour's flight away and there were no seats???  I asked her over and over and her answer was the same.  There was only room for two of us.  I could wait until the 3 pm flight or leave two of my kids in Atlanta.  NO, THANK YOU!!  We were going to travel together.

I called Righ and my travel agent (who is such a sweet friend and prayed with me through my tears that morning).  They both called Delta, but to no avail.  As little Bless started to cry, I picked him up and paced the floor through my tears.  I was pleading with God to get us home, to make a way where the woman said there was no way.  I just wanted to be home with all 7 of my children and to see my husband standing at the gate waiting for us!

And then, I surrendered. I gave it to Him. I gave all I was and all I had to Jesus.  I gave up all control and confessed I was ready for Him to show the way.  I would stay in Atlanta longer if that was His plan.  I was ready to do whatever He asked.  Of course, once I gave Him everything, then He moved that mountain in front of us!  A young couple gave up their two seats so we could go home!  I thanked them with tears in my eyes.  God did it! He made a way and He did it His way!!

As we boarded the flight home, we were the last ones called and Bless was walking beside me.  At the very last minute, he stopped, turned and waved to the young couple who had given up their sheets and said, "Bye!" in his sweet little toddler voice.  I don't think I will ever forget that young man's face as he said, "have a safe journey home".

On the other side of the airplane, my precious God-loving husband was waiting with three of my babies who I had missed so much and so many of our friends who have walked each day of this journey with us!!


Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Loved, loved. loved reading your story. God's fingerprints are all over it!! Oh, how He can make a way when there seems to be no way!! Thankful for His complete provision to bring you HOME!!

Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Loved, loved. loved reading your story. God's fingerprints are all over it!! Oh, how He can make a way when there seems to be no way!! Thankful for His complete provision to bring you HOME!!

Anonymous said...

Praising God for your safe return home! It was awesome to watch your welcome home video. What a beautiful family the Lord has blessed you with.

I would love to chat with you as we are in a somewhat similar situation. We came home from Ethiopia in June 2011 with 2 toddler sons. Then in September I felt the Lord prompting me that we need to go again. This January we submitted our dossier to adopt from Ghana.

Would love any insight about your journey and stay in Ghana. It would be a blessing to get some first hand knowledge.

Thank you. I know you must be one busy mama these days....and that's a very good thing!

susan burkhalter

Kristin said...

Thanks for the tears! I loved your video - the welcome home videos always get me!
We too have 3 children adopted from Africa though they are from Ethiopia. We have 5 bio kids too so our breakdown is 2 girls/6 boys. God is so faithful!
Congrats again!

The C Family said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.