Sunday, June 20, 2010

Calling all prayer warriors

Please pray with us as we wait. God's timing is so perfect and I never want to be out of His will. However, our rep in Ghana traveled today to work on our case. My prayer is it is our TIME. That we will receive an email saying, "LET'S GO TO COURT!" Through this adoption I have learned so much. I realize just how much our family lives 'of the world'. It really hit home tonight after reading a couple of friends' blogs. They are also adopting from Ghana and I know the harsh reality of so many of the children there, but tonight as I read those words it hit even harder. A little boy who has been hungry, afraid he might not get food, thinks he needs to eat and eat so he won't be hungry later. This is real, this is true, and this is just down the street from where my sweet children are. We spend so much on groceries each month and tonight I realized (once again) that I can cut back even more than we already have. So every extra penny will go to the orphans. God has burdened our hearts for them and burdened our children's hearts. Pray for us as we try to obey. Some of you may follow our blog and wonder what we are sacrificing to bring our children home. Well, we turned our television off. We weren't really watching it anyways and paying way too much for it. That's extra money every month. We have cut back on our kids' activities to help bring our children home and eating out is a special treat. Tonight as I read about little kids picking up CRUMBS off the floor I realized going out to dinner is a treat for me because I'm the one who cooks. I feel that is something we need to give up. We need to eat every single meal at our house. Have you ever truly thought about the starving children of the world? I hadn't until a few months ago. Sure, I knew they were out there and my heart hurt for them, but not enough to do anything about it. These hungry children now have a face for me. I can close my eyes and see my two African children or children our friends are adopting. They are so real and we need to do something about it. Please join me in prayer for the Christians of the world to be moved, for God's people to open their hearts to the orphans, for our hearts to be burdened by our choices and how we can help. Thank you to each one of you. We are so grateful for your prayers. We know our God is a mountain-mover. We know anything is possible through Him and with Him. So pray with us as we pray our children home, but also pray for the orphans of the world to have an earthly father and mother to call DADDY and MOMMY!

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Jenny said...

praying for you! i cannot wait to hear the news!