Thursday, June 3, 2010

The wait

Yesterday we got news from our friend, Kathleen, that they will be traveling to Ghana next week to go to court for their 3 boys. This was such AWESOME news!!! My heart is so excited for her. She is waiting for her boys to come home and her dad has been so, so sick. This is truly an answered prayer. I met my new friend during our adoption. We are using the same agency and as we have walked through USCIS fingerprints and everything else, we have been step by step with one another. Until now. Yesterday morning we were both waiting on a court date. Now it's just us. SHE'S GOING TO GHANA!!!! Our news was very different. Our representative is still trying to work on our court date in the Volta region. Initially, I was discouraged, but I found God in it. He has given me peace. You see, everything is in His timing, not mine. As I prayed yesterday afternoon after knowing we are still waiting, God led me to this verse, "When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." Psalm 56:3
I read in Streams in the Desert about how great faith must endure great trials. This is so true for me. I have grown closer to God in the last 6 months than in my whole life. My children are sitting in Africa, I'm here and I cannot help them at all except to pray. I cannot comfort them, take their fears away, make sure they are being fed, loved, held tight, or tuck them in at night. I cannot teach them about Jesus, but my time will come. Soon it will be time for us to travel to Ghana and I have complete faith that it will be on God's time. His perfect timing! He has a perfect plan and I have complete peace. The uneasiness I felt yesterday afternoon is gone. Do I want to go to Ghana now? YES, but only if it is God's will. So we will pray for God's protection over my African babies until we can get there and we will pray for the courts to grant us permission and we will continue to pray for God's peace and comfort for us as we wait. Join me as I pray for Kathleen and Tim to pass court in Ghana. :)

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Steiners! said...

We will continue our prayers for a date in God's time. :)