Wednesday, June 23, 2010

God sustaining

Remember my last post about lack of faith? Well, I have been trying so hard to keep my eyes focused upon Jesus. I have been constantly reminded of when Peter walked on the water. Everything was good UNTIL he took his eyes off Jesus. Then, he sank. Without Jesus, I am sinking. It was so odd, actually just so God because this was the devotion in Streams in the Desert for today: Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink cried, "LORD, SAVE ME!" Matthew 14:29-30

You see, the adoption journey is just like Peter. You get out of the boat and say "I can do this" and make your way. Then all of a sudden you realize (or at least we did) what we are truly trying to do and how HARD it is. My eyes shifted so quickly off Jesus and onto my desire and longing to have my sweet babies home with me. That's not God's plan, but mine. I have to refocus my eyes upon Jesus and have complete faith that He will deliver us. This devotion was another gentle reminder from the Lord. He has been reminding me that I am making the same mistake Peter made.

So tonight I got an email from a friend who just returned from Ghana. She wasn't able to see my kids, but she delivered some very comforting news. P is working extremely hard on your case. The region where your kids are from is difficult to travel right now because it has been raining so much. P says your kids are in a very good foster home, with less kids and their foster mom takes good care of them.

These were such comforting words for me today. God delivered news to me of our children. I know they are being cared for and He will protect them until I can bring them home. So our new prayer request is for P to have safe travels as he tries to complete our case. For the rain to stop long enough for everything to get completed. And for our children to have comfort where they are, for someone to be teaching them about Jesus and for them to know we are doing everything possible to get to them.


Jenny said...

i'm so glad to hear he is working hard on your case and that your kiddos are in a good foster home! praying that you won't have to wait much longer!!!

oh! and a side note!!! who do you root for in the world cup on saturday?!?!?! i guess you win either way!

linds said...

praying for you sweet friend!