Thursday, June 24, 2010


We may go to court next week!!!!!! I am so excited I can barely contain it. You know, my last few postings on faith. Well, I had run out. God taught me a lesson this week, as He always does, but I am so incredibly thankful He never gives up on me. And He never tires of having to pick me up again. It has been a hard week, but I was finally able to find comfort in my Lord and look where He brought me! Thank you so much to everyone for praying for us. Keep it up! We aren't there yet. It is the rainy season in Ghana and travel to our kids' region is difficult. Please pray for the roads to remain open so P can travel there, for court to happen next week, for us to pass with a FULL AND FINAL ADOPTION DECREE, for H & S to have peace and know we are coming, and for P to be allowed to stand in at court for us. This would mean we would travel after passing court to file our I600. Still so many unknowns so we NEED your prayers. Thanks for walking this journey with us.

On a different note, would you consider making a tax deductible donation or buying a t-shirt to help an African child? These are children that receive one meal a day (not what my kids would call a meal, though), have no electricity or running water, struggle with malaria, among other things. When we travel we will be taking all money to help the orphans. Just think what a $10 donation could do for a fatherless child. Click here to go to Sydney's blog if interested. Details to donate are on her blog. Make sure to put PROJECT GHANA in the comments section so it will go to the African orphans. Thanks so much!


Jenny said...

oh my goodness!!!! praying for the roads and paperwork and all the logistics! YAY!

Steiners! said...

Wuh HOOO! I will pray on. That's so exciting!