Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exodus 14:14

So a lot has happened in the last few days. We have a visa exit interview scheduled for next Monday, November 1. Please, please pray with us as we wait for visas. We will not be attending, but will wait for visas to be issued. We are very excited about this! Another step, another step!

I woke up this morning feeling very nervous and anxious about our kids. This is very strange for me, but I couldn't shake it. We couldn't decide whether to attend the interview or not, so this became our focus. A sweet friend prayed with me and mentioned the verse Exodus 14:14. I didn't read it once we got off the phone, but stored it away. Tonight I was chatting with a dear friend and all of a sudden I see Exodus 14:14 on the screen. Coincidence? No way. There are none. God gave this verse to me. I didn't heed him the first time so I got a 2nd gentle reminder. I opened my Bible and read:

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

He will fight for His children. It is not for me or for us. He has chosen our family to adopt our two children. He will place them in our arms in due time. Thank you, Jesus, for the gentle reminders.


Jenny said...

oh PRAYING they are issued on the first!

Erica said...

Praying praying praying!!! HE is faithful and he will fight for your babies!