Saturday, January 22, 2011

Only God....

This post is written by an adoptive family awaiting their children. They are on this incredible journey to their children in Ghana. She was a guest writer for us yesterday on Feeding the Orphans. Too good not to share. Enjoy!!!

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18

I’d love to tell you a story. It is the story of how God connected a couple in Plainfield, Illinois to a set of orphans half a world away and forever knit their hearts and lives together. It is a story that could only be orchestrated by God!

Only God, could break the heart of an 11 year old girl for what breaks His heart. It is thru her obedience that God raised up the funds to put in a well so that two small villages in the Lake Volta region of Ghana could have clean water to drink.

Only God could then send two of His servants to these villages to prepare for the well. During their visit God showed them that not only would these villages have clean water, but God had other plans too! He knew that 10 precious orphans needed someone to care for them, to provide for them, to love them. God had a plan for them!

Only God could provide the resources to bring these children in from this village to an orphanage in Accra. It is here that a pastor and his wife daily share with them not just food, clothing and care. They truly live out the gospel so that these kids can know and love Jesus!

Only God could prompt hearts half a world away to take a step of faith and follow His call to care for His children. Specifically for these children.

Only God could see the plans He had for each of these precious kids from eternity past. He did not leave them as orphans, He came to them in their village, brought them into His loving care. He knit their hearts together with couples half a world away so that someday soon they will have an earthly mother and father who will care for them and show them the love of their Father in heaven!

I am so thankful that my husband and I have been called by God to pursue two of these children. I look in awe at the way God has woven together His story of love and provision for these kids. We are so blessed that He is allowing us to be a part of His plan. I can already see how He is at work in my husband and I showing us how intimately He cares for each of the details of this adoption. He is also showing us as we prepare to bring them into our home that He cares for us and has made a way for us as His children. I can not wait to meet our son and daughter face to face. And I look forward to getting to share with them the story of how God knit our hearts and lives together for His purposes!

I leave you with one question to consider: Is God calling you to step out in faith and follow His call to care for His children? There are so many little ones out there who need to know that God has not left them as orphans. He will come for them too, just as He came for our two little ones and the other eight orphans in their village. A few of those eight are still waiting for the earthly mother and father that God has for them. I challenge you to prayerfully consider if it might be you He wants to send.

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