Monday, October 31, 2011

All I want is to go to school

This morning as I woke, I checked FB after my quiet time, which I typically do not do. As I opened it up, our Feeding the Orphans volunteer had just posted this sweet picture.

Meet Lawrence. Here he is watching out the window, watching the other kids go to SCHOOL. He sits every morning and watches the other kids get ready and leave. His heart is broken. He has told Grandma (Lola) he just wants to go to school. He is praying for God to make a way for him to go. He knelt on the floor this morning seeking God's face. Pleading with God to send him to school. As Lola prayed over him with encouragement and the love of Jesus, he wept. How many kids CRY because they want to go to school???? Not mine!!!

Well, we are so EXCITED to announce Lawrence now has an education sponsor!!! My heart is so happy. I wish I could have seen his face when Lola told him today. He will start in January and I cannot wait to see him in his new uniform.

The kids and I talked about him this morning. We prayed for God to use Lawrence in a mighty way to further HIS kingdom. I watched the excitement of my little ones as they clapped and cheered knowing Lawrence's dream is coming true!! I pray our hearts will be forever broken for the fatherless, for the orphan, for the widow, for the least of these.

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