Saturday, March 20, 2010

Are you listening?

Wednesday night I was putting clean sheets on our bed. All of a sudden, the radio came on and a preacher's voice was there. His words were, "I have 2 things I need you to know. One is to not live too safely. The other is to be ready to give up valuables that are not really valuable. These are the two things I need you to know." Then, he started telling some random story. I listened, but realized it had no relevance to me. However, I was amazed at the "2" things. God is up to something in our lives. Something big! Yes, we are in the middle of an adoption, but Righ and I sense it is so much more. If you read the "Jesus Calling" post from a few days ago, you saw it talks about not living too safely. In my mind, there are no coincidences so I know God is using these words to speak to me. Now I just need to be a better listener. :) Will you pray with us so we will be clear on what He is saying?

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