Sunday, March 14, 2010

God will make a way!

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has been praying for our adoption! God hears our prayers! We have a true "God story" from last week!

Last Wednesday we were all in Nashville traveling to see our sweet friends who moved to Little Rock last year (oh how we miss them!). Anyways, we had been told the day before by a friend that just maybe we could drop into the USCIS office and get fingerprinted earlier than our actual appointment. Well, this place doesn't even have a phone number. They are virtually impossible to contact! As we were driving to the office, I prayed NONSTOP for God to move those mountains in front of us, that He would send favor before us to the workers, and on and on. When we got there, Righ went in. First thing they asked, "Where's your letter?" This letter is the one with the appointment time on it and they want it immediately. He says, "In my mailbox at home, but our appointment is in two weeks. However, we are in Nashville today and wondered if it would be possible to be fingerprinted early." A supervisor came up front, took his driver's license and left. A few minutes later she said, "Go get your wife." Yippee!!! So the five of us went in and got our fingerprints finished. The people were so nice and of course, we were so thankful! As we were leaving, there were about a dozen people standing in line waiting to be fingerprinted!!! Don't you know, though, that when we had arrived 10 minutes earlier, not a single person was in there! That was God! He cleared our way for us and He moved that mountain in front of us! As we walked out the door, the guard looked at Righ and said, "You lucked out!" Of course, to him maybe it was luck, but we know God was making the path in front of us. We know He opened that lady's heart to say "Come on in." So, basically we finished our immigration stuff 2 weeks before we were scheduled to. Now, we should be receiving our approval notice about the same time we should have been standing in line for our appointment. That puts us 2 weeks closer to our little ones in Africa! And we are so excited about that!

We have to say a huge thank you to our friend, Tiffany. Tuesday before we left she felt the need to send us an email telling us ONE TIME a friend had done the exact same thing. After feeling that need, she suddenly felt it was silly and we would just ignore it. However, she followed her initial "feeling", which was really GOD. Thanks to her for being an obedient servant, His messenger to us last week!

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Bloggin' Robin said...

You are so blessed! God is moving!