Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I contacted the local USCIS office via email. They are always so helpful and quick to respond. Anyways, they said our file has not gone to the officer reviewing it yet. I found this a bit strange. We were fingerprinted 2 weeks ago and normally it takes 2 weeks to receive the approval letter. However, Righ gently reminded me everything is in God's timing. I know this is true, but I would love to get to Africa ASAP. I am anxious to hold my little ones tight. :)

On another note, we will be making 2 trips to Africa. Originally, we thought there was a possibility we would only be required to make 1 trip. I emailed our agency yesterday and it's official. 2 trips it will be. In the beginning when we thought there was a possiblility of 2 trips, Righ was adamant that he would be making that first one. Never would he allow his wife (me) to travel alone. (He's very protective.) After looking at vacation and his work schedule, though, he will not be able to make both trips. That leaves me!!! I am very excited about meeting our children for the first time. On the other hand, I am nervous about traveling by myself. Once again, though, God has a plan and He's laying it out for us. This is His plan. My children here are VERY upset with me. They want to go with me. Flying to Africa is very expensive, though, and we cannot afford for them to go twice. So, Righ and our three children will stay here and I will go to Ghana for a short trip. Please pray for Righ and the kids while I will be gone. I'm the mother who never leaves for a trip. Pray Righ's work schedule will be light while I'm gone and that he will not be required to be out of town on business. Pray for patience for him and for everything to fall into place between now and then. And please pray for peace for my 3 children. Please pray for our approval letter to come soon. It is the last puzzle piece before our dossier can go to Ghana. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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linds said...

Oh, I wish that I could go with you! I have many contacts (more like family) there depending on where you will be. Let me know and maybe they can be of some help.