Saturday, July 3, 2010

Awesome week at Club 180

We just got home last night from an awesome week in Cumberland, KY. Our week was full of excitement, lots of Jesus and lovin' on kids. Every time we go there I love those kids even more. I wonder how it is even possible. They are some of the coolest kids I have ever met. :)

So our mission team of 6 families spent Sunday - Friday doing a day camp for the kids of the area. Then, in the afternoons the guys did a football camp and basketball camp while the ladies hosted an INNER BEAUTY camp. I, on the other hand, watched our little ones and made sure the sports guys had enough water and a snack each day. The last day I got to play a little game, though. FUN! I love basketball!

One child gave his life to Christ and how sweet that was! He is an awesome young man and I cannot wait to see what God will do with his life. Of course, there is always excitement on a mission trip and this year, it involved my husband. He was helping with football camp on Wednesday when two of the guys brought him to the gym to me. "Get your keys and purse, we're taking Righ to the hospital," these were the words I heard. Not even sure what had happened I ran to get everything and yelled at someone to watch our kids. He and another guy, Steven (who I love to death), ran into one another and Righ cut his mouth open. Not only cut his mouth open, but gushing blood and cut really bad. So we spent the next few hours in the hospital getting 12 stitches and getting a CT scan. Both guys had been knocked out for a few seconds so we needed to check them. They are both free and clear. Thank you, Jesus!!! Please pray for Righ's lip to heal without too much of a scar and for his hands to lose the numbness and pain they have felt since the accident. I was so amazed by this experience. You see, I did not know our mission team very well when we got to Club 180. That has all changed now and I am so thankful! They were incredible to work with and watching everyone love on the kids was priceless. However, when Righ got hurt I watched everyone pull together and love our family so well. I literally ran out without telling my own kids anything. (When this first happened, blood was everywhere.) For the next few hours, our friends took care of my kids like their own. They comforted them, loved them and for this I am eternally grateful. That's just what Jesus would have done, but when I actually see it in action I am so amazed. God has given us a great group of people to serve this life with so thank you to everyone.

On the adoption front: nothing! We have not heard anything, but we are still praying. It was a good week. We were distracted from thinking endlessly about traveling. Now we are home again and the distraction is gone. Please pray for us to be patient in the wait, to not lose hope or faith, to have comfort knowing this is God's perfect timing!

On another note, awesome news for Miss Sydney!!! She has raised $3000 AND Righ's company will match $2200 of that. Total that up for yourselves!!! Isn't God awesome??? She said to me the other night, "Mom, I think I need a new goal." Yes, girl, definitely. Remember we still have our brown adoption t-shirts for sale and she still has her shirts for sale, too. They are $15 each. Can't beat that so leave a comment or send an email to

Hope you enjoy some of our pics from this week. :)

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Kristy said...

Looks awesome!!! :) So glad Righ and the other fella were ok! :) Give me a yell when you get settled from your trip and we'll meet up to get our shirts and give you your umbrella! :) Hugs!