Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Emotions

The last few weeks have been eventful for our family, to say the least. We have had a lot of "mishaps", but God has strengthened our faith through it all. And He has used our adoption to help that along, too. As of today, we have been waiting 3 months for a court date. It seemed like an eternity. There were times when I felt like I wouldn't make it any longer, only to find God picking me up. :)

I found reassurance in scripture, in God's word. Two months ago, this verse brought me peace: Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14 It reminded me to wait on my Lord, to wait on God. This is His plan for our lives and He will not lead us astray. Well, this morning I was on the phone with Righ (traveling Dad) and was so frustrated and discouraged. We finished talking and I hung up. I opened my email and I saw one from our agency director. It said UPDATE ON DATES in the subject line. I thought it was so odd, clicked on it and then read these words: Court will be Monday, July 26th. I will be power of attorney. They need to prepare to travel to file the I600 soon.

Oh, my goodness! I stared at the computer screen, re-read it, and cried. My three children just kept looking at me and saying, "Mom, what's wrong? What's wrong?" I couldn't even find words. I was so blown away. All of a sudden I could feel my little ones in my arms. We are almost there. We are so much closer. We called Righ and just praised our Lord and Savior. He is so awesome and incredible. He takes such good care of us. Me. I do not deserve it, but He still loves me. And I find it so powerful that He chose ME to be S & H's mom. Ultimately, they are His children. All of my children belong to our God, but He chose us to be their parents. To train them up to fight for Him, to tell others about Jesus, to love unconditionally. I am so thankful for this blessing of a court date. Please pray with us that we will pass on Monday with a full and final decree. Please pray we will travel soon after and that we will know God's plan for our travel arrangements. We only want to follow Him, follow His plan, walk in His steps. At times, today I have cried "just because". I think I will until my little ones are in my arms. I am so glad we decided to follow God on this journey. So glad we said yes to Him when He called us to adopt.

The part that saddens me are the 147 million orphans without a mommy and daddy. Without someone fighting for them everyday. What can we do to help one more?? What can you do??

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. - John 14:18

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Just a couple more days.... paying onward! :)