Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, we got an email a little bit ago that our court today was postponed. Our rep will travel again to the Volta region tomorrow. We pray our case will be heard and we will pass with a full decree and for us to receive word to travel soon.

Now some of you are probably wondering if we were discouraged when we got the news. I can honestly say no. I felt a peace and comfort that I can only say came from the Lord. HOWEVER, an hour later we received other news that was just plain old discouraging. We have waited for 3 months for a court date. Some people wait 2 weeks. Can I explain that??? No. Does it make me angry for others? Absolutely not! I am so thankful for 2 week waiting periods, just so frustrated with 3 month periods. We have prayed for these sweet children, we know they are our children, I have imagined holding their little faces and telling them how much I love them, imagined hugging them and not wanting to let go. I have pictured what it will be like when all 5 of my children are together. Last week, when we received our court date I let my mind wonder back there. I could almost feel them in my arms. Today we prayed for our court, we prayed we would pass, we prayed we would receive word.

When I became discouraged and weary about an hour ago, I cried. No, I sobbed. I totally lost it! I am tired and want to hold my children. To see their precious little faces for myself. Then, as I was crying and trying to update our friends on Facebook, God gave me a little gift. He is so good to me! I shared a story about a verse a friend gave me in the very beginning of our adoption here. Well, tonight when I logged onto Facebook a friend had posted this:

He is ahead of you as your shepherd. He is behind you as your rear guard. He is above you as your covering. He is beneath you as your foundation. He is beside you as your friend. He is within you as your life.

She posted this on her status, but it was the first thing on my screen when I logged in. Can you say, GOD??? It was a simple message, a simple reminder to me just how much He loves me. He reminded me that He is ahead of me and behind me. He is guarding our adoption and our children. Thank you, sweet friend, for posting something the Lord laid on your heart! Thank you, God, for sending me that encouragement. To top it all off, another friend emailed a verse to me: Deuteronomy 31:8 - It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. do not fear or be dismayed.

Do you see the pattern here? My God sent me a message. He is reminding me how He is holding me in the palm of His hands. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you for servants willing to encourage me and others around you.

Please pray with us tomorrow as P travels back to the Volta region for court. Please pray the judge will hear our case and we will pass court. Pray we receive a travel date soon. And pray for our hearts to find God, just like we did tonight. Pray for peace and comfort through the rest of our journey.

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Jenny said...

i hate that but am so glad that you don't have to wait longer to try again! praying that everything goes well and the judge hears your case and passes it!