Monday, April 26, 2010

A God Meeting

Righ left for Utah today for the week. It is one of those dreaded week long trips that he dislikes so much. The whole company will be there and it is work from 7 am - 10 pm every day. As he and I were talking yesterday afternoon, we decided to look for what God could possibly want him to do. And we prayed for him to listen for God to speak to him this week. After talking with one another, he remembered the president of the company spent some time in Africa working for World Health Organization. As many of you know, most Americans are vaccinated against everything imaginable. Not so in Africa (or most parts of the world). For one thing, it isn't affordable. I read an article about a mom in Haiti after the earthquake who walked hours to have her young children vaccinated against 2 deadly, preventable diseases when a Nashville, Tennessee family took a medical mission trip. The mother fell at the teenage daughter's feet and wept, thanking her and her family endlessly for saving her children's lives. You see, disease is rampant in the midst of poverty and disaster and the mother felt these 2 vaccines could save their life. The same could hold true in Africa, which God has so carefully placed on our hearts. I listened to Righ talk yesterday about how his dream is to find a way to vaccinate the children of the world, but Africa especially. Meningitis is rampant there and that's his company's newest vaccine. He saw the connection and decided to approach this president about how this could become a reality. Guess what? At the meeting today, the president stood up with other key employees and talked about this very thing. About how he wanted to help the orphans, but in particular the children of Africa become vaccinated. There is no other explanation except that God arranged all of this. Righ plans to have one-on-one time with this guy sometime while he is there. Guess what else? The president has expressed interest to someone else about how he wants to meet Righ. God again! He continues to amaze me. Please be in prayer for God to give Righ the words He wants him to speak. And for the president's heart to be softened even more.

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