Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Special Day

Today is our sweet girl's 3rd birthday, but we will not celebrate with her today. We will wait and do that when she comes home. It is so odd to have children living halfway around the world and even odder for one of them to celebrate a birthday. You see, birthdays are a VERY big deal in our family. It is the one day each year that only belongs to that special person so we celebrate their unique person! So, today we will pray for our little one in Ghana and have a blowout party when she comes home. Please pray for her today especially, but pray for Sydney, too. Her heart is breaking because she cannot be with her sister. I can explain and reason with her all day long, but her heart still hurts. She just wants to be near her, to hug her, and tell her how special she is. It won't be long, though, and we'll be able to do all of that. :)

Update on our approval from USCIS is we're still waiting. I contacted the Memphis office and our caseworker was on vacation for several days, so our file is FINALLY on her desk. We should have it soon! Keep praying!

Other than that, we are enjoying the time we have with 3 children. Very soon, we will be a family of 7!

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Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!!! :) Can't wait to meet them both! :)