Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why should we eat like kings and queens when they have nothing to eat???

This is the question my 10 year old proposed to me tonight. Righ is out of town again this week and we just returned today from a visit to my parents. So, on the way home I decided we would stop at Papa Murphy's for a take-home pizza. Sydney simply stated, "I'm not eating dinner." I was so confused by her response, but just went inside and ordered. When we were back in the car she asked me to buy her some bread at Kroger. I said, "Okay, if you'll tell me why you want bread for dinner." Then her question, "Why should we eat like kings and queens when they have nothing?"

Now, her heart breaks for her brother and sister in Ghana. And it breaks for a one year old girl she has never met. And it breaks for the orphans living all over the world who do not have a home. In light of this, we are posing a challenge for everyone. The Rice Challenge. Here are the details. Instead of eating a "real" meal, eat rice and drink water one night. This in itself is a reminder to what the poor will be eating, IF they are eating. Put the money in a jar that you would have otherwise spent on your meal. If you feel led, send us the money you would have spent. We will be traveling to Ghana soon to bring our children home. We are going to deliver food to the different foster homes while we are there. This is one way you can help feed children in Africa. Feel free to pass this "challenge" along to anyone you know. The more people involved the better.

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Bloggin' Robin said...

Ummm...feeling Sydney's words more than you know at this moment... Thanks for posting, friend...