Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love is Not a Color Giveaway

This video was designed by a family I have only met through the world of adoption blogs. They have a true heart for orphans and are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. With the video they designed a new t-shirt, Love is Not a Color. Click here to check out their story. This shirt is fabulous and so, so true!! Love isn't a color and I am so excited to bring my two African babies into our home. People have asked, "Are you worried because they are a different color?" NO!!! God blessed me with these two children in the same way He did my 3 biological children! He chose me to be their mother and I am ecstatic. God sees no color and neither do I. That's a huge reason I love this shirt so much! It speaks truth! Well, Kim in her generous heart has opened her shirts up for other people to fundraise. As many of you know, our sweet Sydney has heard God calling her to care for the orphans. She designed her own shirt, Why do we eat like kings and queens when they have nothing?, and is raising money to buy supplies for the orphans. Initially, she will take her proceeds to Ghana when we travel. Yes, she will be going to Africa. She is so excited!! In addition to her own shirt, she is going to sell Kim's shirts. Check out this video then visit Sydney's blog. She is doing a GIVEAWAY for one of these shirts. Post this video on FB or on your blog, send her an email to or post a comment and she'll put your name in the pot. The lucky winner will be announced on Monday. In the meantime, order a shirt or two from her. All monies will go straight to the orphans. Unbelievably, she has sold almost 60 of her own shirts. Not really unbelievably, but God believably!!! Thank you to everyone for showing their support for her. Please continue to pray for her on this journey.

Sizes: Ladies M(4), L (6), XL(8), 2XL(10), 3XL(12)
Mens - Medium, large, xlarge
$25 each
You can order through her blog or me. I'll forward all orders to her. You can use the donate buttons on either blog, too, to pay for your order. :)

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