Saturday, May 29, 2010

You have all listened to me talk about how our 10 year old, Sydney, has a heart for orphans. God has burdened her for them and I am so thankful she is following her dream. She designed her own shirt (with a little help) and just received them back yesterday. This is our 3 year old modeling for her. They are $15 each and all proceeds go to feeding the orphans of Ghana. We will be traveling soon (I pray) to bring our 2 angels home. When we go, Sydney will be taking all of the money donated to her to buy food and supplies for the orphans. Thank you to so many for supporting her mission and for praying for her. She needs you to pray. Some days she feels very defeated (thanks to our enemy) and needs encouragement. Each time someone sends an email to her or buys a t-shirt or leaves a comment, it makes her realize she can do this. She realizes she isn't too young. We are teaching her to put her faith in God, but she needs us to encourage and lift her up along the way. So check out her blog here and help her help the orphans.


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What awesome models!!!!! That's the way to sell those shirts! ;)