Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No news

I have sat down several times over the last week to post and I keep drawing a blank. We do not have any updates. Our representative traveled to our children's original region 4 weeks ago today to try to schedule court. As of this morning, we have no news. So, we will wait and we will be patient and we will keep our faith in God for He has perfect timing. I know that, but sometimes it is hard. We long to have our precious children here. It seems there is nothing standing in the way. We have done everything we can. Now I am trying to re-organize the house, enjoy this beautiful summer weather with our children and finish up our homeschooling year. All of this while praying for my sweet babies to come home. Join me in prayer, please.

People always ask "Isn't it hard to wait?" Yes, it is hard, BUT through this adoption I have learned to trust my sweet Jesus sooooo much. I have turned to Him and put my complete trust in Him. Since receiving our referral three months ago, we have not had any true updates. We did receive new pictures from our agency, but nothing else. We were so thankful for these 2 photos. I can tell H is growing. Her little cheeks are filling out and it makes my heart happy. I'm not sure if she is talking yet. We probably will not know until we get there. There are people we have known that traveled to pick up their children, but they did not see ours. They were in a different foster home. All of these unknowns have just made me trust Jesus more. I know they are His children. He loves them more than I can ever imagine. We have just been chosen to lead them on this earth. So during this time, we find our peace in our Saviour. The one who came to die for our sins also came to rescue my children. I am so thankful God adopted me into His family and so thankful we have the opportunity to adopt these children into our family. We know this is just the beginning for our family. God commands us to care for the widows and orphans. He doesn't ask us if we want to. He COMMANDS it!!! And I know not everyone can adopt. I understand that, but I believe there is something everyone can do to help. Spread the word about someone who is adopting, donate $10 (or more), wear an orphan awareness t-shirt. The possibilities are endless! Let's follow Jesus into the homes of the broken and let's follow Him into the world!!!

And for anyone interested, our t-shirt sales have been AWESOME! You can click here for complete details. And don't forget about our daughter's vision to feed the orphans. You can help her by going here for details and her own t-shirt design. (They should be here on Friday so all orders will ship soon!)


Steiners! said...

Hey Kristie,
I'm praying for you guys and a quick message from Ghana. I know it must be hard to wait. He is faithful.
Loving you

Bloggin' Robin said...

Catching up - praying for you! Love you - Robin